Monday, October 26, 2009

I have a fever but I am not sick

This afternoon I have been working on my sermon series for Christmas. I got curious and looked up an internet Christmas Countdown to see that Christmas is 59 days away. That means it is all over in 60 days. I love the season and the build-up more than the day itself. We decorate our house like the Griswold's and have it all up the day after Thanksgiving. So I decided to see how long that would be. I found a Thanksgiving countdown and it shows that there are 31 days until thanksgiving.
Well, I guess I can wait that long to decorate, but can I wait 31 more days to listen to christmas music? 31 days. I have tons of christmas music on my ipod and on cd. I absolutely love it. I am not sure I can wait 31 days to start listening to it. I decided I would see if there are any christmas music stations online that are already playing the sounds of the season. I determined that if they were, then I would give myself permission to begin listening to it. Well, it only took 30 seconds to find dozens of station already playing holiday tunes.
So there, I admit it. On october 26, I have Christmas fever. I have been listening to Christmas music for hours and I dont feel a bit guilty. Only 59 more days of this music? I hope the time crawls by!


Pastor's Wife said...

If you get to listen to Christmas music because they are playing it on the internet, then I get to decorate as soon as Walmart puts up their decorations. :)

Lawrence said...

haha... Ive been listening to it too... on I-tunes!